Jakob Mindre 5

Arrow-home Jakob Mindre 5 “Professional home environment” was our main design approach. Rich in contrast, attention to detail and a warm and welcoming ambient glow. -Ola Carlsson Fredén, lighting designer. Jakob Mindre 5 is the home of law firm Törngren Magnell & partners.The seven-floor office building is located in the centre of Stockholm in Kungsträdgården, […]

White Out

Arrow-home White Out When you’re not there, the tunnel pulses slowly, breathes and attracts you. When you approach it, it meets you and lights up. As you leave the tunnel, it tones down and returns to its slow pulsating again. The tunnel under Nacka station is not a pleasant place and during the coming years […]

HMAB Hässleholm

HMAB Hässleholm This brand new water tower in Hässleholm, Sweden has brought a fresh splash of color to the city’s landscape. The steel tubes arrayed around the top of the tower are 14+ meters tall and illuminated by 60 color-changing FL50™ RGBW-OM spot lights enabled by INFINITY® Technology for extremely long lighting runs. The creative […]

The Glowing Circle

The Glowing Circle A large glowing circle of light now brightens a park in Smedetoften, the Northwest neighborhood of Copenhagen. The illuminated gathering space features a ball field and benches to appeal primarily to young residents of the community.   The circle is created with 300 mm (1 ft) modules of HIGHLIGHTER® RGBW LED modules […]


Arrow-home AIRA, Djurgården At chef Tommy Myllymäki’s restaurant AIRA The architects were inspired by the colours and seasons of the Stockholm archipelago and have translated nature’s subtle qualities to many bespoke lighting solutions. Both interior and exterior lighting have been designed by the lighting team at Sweco Architects in close collaboration with Jonas Bohlin. Through […]


Arrow-home Sandvikslykta Sandvika riverwalk is a park project for the citys inhabitants to get a nice stroll in the central parts of town. Zenisk AS designed this bollard with Radiant and the local glass blowers at Hadeland Glassverk. The dynamic light and a ever shifting light to create a pleasant experience walking in the park.Read […]

Tana Bru

Arrow-home Tana Bru The lighting vision for Tana Bru bridge (Norway) was to be a communicative visual attraction that can achieve national pride by creating an internationally recognized landmark. GVA Lighting was able to provide an arsenal of outdoor lighting equipment with a proven record of durability in harsh winter conditions. A special innovation created […]


Arrow-home Røverstaden Text and photos by Light Bureau, read the full story here. Expectations were high when Oslo Concerthouse announced that they were working with several high profile tenants and well renown architects Spacegroup on the development of Røverstaden, a new house of culture in Vika at the same address as legendary Club7. The new […]